While others are just starting to address the topic of “digitalization”, employees in 58 countries and 276 cities worldwide are already using the Tandemploy software on a daily basis to network internally for a wide variety of reasons — for mentoring duos, job rotations, project work, onboarding, lunch dates, expert…

Purpose is considered one of the cornerstones of New Work. In “Reinventing Organisations” Frederic Laloux speaks of “Evolutionary Purpose”, that companies of a new type are trying out. At first glance, this may sound a bit esoteric, but it touches upon an essential survival strategy for organizations in a world…

Employee Experience — Touch Point #3:

In our series “Employee Experience” we highlight all critical Touch Points of the “Employee Journey”. Today: Letting go of employees.

Layoffs and terminations are drastic experiences in professional life, in both positive and negative terms, and for everyone involved. How appreciative we really treat each other is revealed when we…


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